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Trip To Mauritania


Hospital De La Fraternidad in Chinguetti, Mauritania

Donation of neonatal incubator - Expectant mothers are not receiving proper prenatal care in Chinguetti and are often malnourished, resulting in an impact on the developing baby.  Neonatal equipment is greatly needed to care for infants, giving families hope for the survival of their newborns.


September/October 2022 - Humanitarian Trip and donation of endoscopy equipment.

Endoscopy equipment is desperately needed in Chinguetti.  Currently, there are no screening resources available and diagnoses of GI issues are late stage.  This life-saving initiative will help to identify health problems earlier resulting in timely response and treatment

2022 Annual Golf Fundraiser - October 2, 2022

The annual golf event, hosted by Regent’s Glen, serves as the Foundation’s primary source of donated monies and is used in it’s entirety to support the humanitarian efforts of the Foundation.  Please consider participating as a golfer, hole sponsor, corporate donor or volunteer for this one of a kind fun and worthwhile event!  If interested, Please enter your email address below:


Help Who Is In Need

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